MainstreamUSA Terms & Conditions

  • Customer is responsible for all data backups on related hardware.
  • Customer is responsible for all software reinstalls as noted at time of service.
  • Customer must provide software for re-installation from original disks.
  • Units (computers, devices and other items) left beyond 30 days may become the property of MainstreamUSA, unless prior arrangements have been made.

By submitting or requesting a repair request and/or authorization you are acknowledging that you have read and understand, and agree to the Apple device repair terms and conditions agreement. You have requested service from MainstreamUSA, Inc. MainstreamUSA, Inc will perform all necessary services reasonable necessary to properly complete the repair of your computer or system. You also acknowledge that your personal details (i.e. name, contact, numbers, etc.) may be provided and/or used by Apple for review.


Once service is complete, your payment for the actual costs incurred and the final sum owed, is due upon completion. There is a $50 diagnostic and estimate fee for all Apple out of warranty products which can be applied to final repair cost.

Transfer of Installation Services.

Unless otherwise agreed, MainstreamUSA, Inc is not liable for and you agree to hold MainstreamUSA, Inc and its employees, agents and/or owners harmless from any and all damages, costs and expenses incurred as the result of any defect or damage to any software or data residing or recorded in your Apple device, whether incurred during the course of MainstreamUSA, Inc’s services or otherwise. If service involves transferring information or installing software, you represent that you have the legal right to copy the information, to use the software and agree to the terms of the software license and you authorize MainstreamUSA, Inc to transfer the information and accept such terms on your behalf in performing the service.


In servicing your computer MainstreamUSA, Inc warrants that service will be performed in a professional and timely manner. Apple in-warranty repairs will carry Apple’s implied warranty for parts and labor.

Data Protection.

You agree and understand that it is your (the customer’s) responsibility to maintain copies of all important data on your Apple device, and to obtain such copies prior to authorizing MainstreamUSA, Inc to commence its services to you.

This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Illinois. In the event any dispute arises under this agreement or in any manner concerning the subject matter thereof, the parties agree that any such dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration only, and the parties expressly waive any and all rights they may have to otherwise proceed with such dispute resolution in a court of law.

Any and all binding arbitration proceeding shall be undertaken as “fast track” proceedings and shall only be commenced in Rock Island County, Illinois. Each party shall bear its own costs and expenses of such proceedings, including any and all resulting attorney fees; provided, however, that the prevailing party in such proceedings may have the right to recover attorney fees against the opposing party if such fees are otherwise recoverable in disputes of that type under the laws of the State of Illinois. This paragraph is intended to be and shall be construed as a forum selection clause, and the parties agree to bound hereto.

rev. 6/2020