Learning with Mac.
Discover how teachers, professors, and students of all ages are using Mac in the classroom — and beyond. And find out if you’re eligible for Apple education pricing.

Built for Education
MainstreamUSA serves K-12 schools and higher education. We supplement your on-site technical staff by providing fast and affordable repairs and technical services. We have repaired thousands of Apple products working with education facilities throughout region, from small school systems to metropolitan school sytems to the University of Iowa., building our reputation for quality one service at a time.

Fast Turnaround
According to a recent Technology Survey, 65% of schools with one or less full time on-site technical staff experienced response times of one week to one month to repair a hardware problem. The average repair turnaround for MainstreamUSA is 48 hours. We are proud to be recognized by Apple™ as a Premium Service Provider, a designation reserved for only those Apple™ Authorized Service Providers that consistently demonstrate excellence in service.

Designed to Fit Your Budget
Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by outsourcing your hardware repairs. Most on-site technical staff may not have the parts availability or high volume discounts MainstreamUSA provides. Repairs attempted on-site generally take longer and cost more than sending directly to MainstreamUSA. We partner with schools to work within your district’s technology plan.

Time Management
Technology infrastructure has been increasing faster than technical support budgets. With most districts experiencing technical support staffing cuts, less on-site technical staff is available to handle hardware problems. MainstreamUSA provides the extra resources required to accomplish your support goals.

Accidental Damage
Most manufacturer warranties do not cover accidental damage (ie. abuse, broken screens etc.). Typically the cost of these repairs are significantly less when performed by MainstreamUSA.

Large orders or technical engagements? Special volume discounts may apply. Contact a Service Advisor for more information on volume discounts.